Since starting my journey into code as a young innovator I’ve always made myself available for freelance work and new opportunities. TimAbarta.com is the culmination of that journey. With over 10+ years experience working at the epicenter of the tech industry, from startups to industry leaders like Lynda.com, I’ve learned to master new programming languages with passion, speed, and precision.






Web Development

Full Service Web development. Need some web code? Look no further.

UX Chops

With over 10 years of experience in the web field, I can tell you what works and what doesn't for the end user.

Fast Delivery

I pride myself on the speed of my development and the quality I maintain.

UI Development

With all the front end standards understood and implemented, your UI will be simple and effective.


I pride myself on having the best communication in the industry. I will always over communicate so nothing gets lost.

Clean Code

The code I create will be clean and maintainable. Clean code is a standard here.

Contact me on (949) 391-2831 or just